A subscription to EC500 permits a subscriber to link to an investment account with a participating broker/dealer . Buy and Sell transactions may happen automatically through the broker/dealer. Subscribers do not have to feel tied down to transact according to the EC500 newsletter service.

Brokerage services working with Earning Curve pool the funds of all subscribers, transacts in whole units, and divides the sum in fractional amounts proportional to the principal of each investor-subscriber. This is important to note for EC500 subscribers. Typically one share is the smallest number of units an investor can buy.

Expand  About Autotrading

Autotrading is a computerized method to efficiently implement trading. Traders and investors can implement entry and exit rules into automated trading systems that allow computers or server-based platforms to execute and monitor the trades. Autotrading is also known as automatic stock trading. Online brokers may execute trades automatically. Online brokers are paid by their clients to execute the trades.

Expand   Online Brokerage Services

Online brokerage services can execute autotrading for a client's financial newsletter service, such as EC500. EC500 subscribers must authorize their online broker to execute autotrading. Earning Curve does not endorse any particular brokerage service. Perform your own due diligence when selecting a broker.

Expand   3+3 Easy Steps to Winning Performance

1) Subscribe to the EC500 news service online.
2) Receive the EC500 Buy, Sell and Hold Alerts, plus other news and information.
3) Your online broker will receive the same Sell and Buy notices to trade ETFs, after it is authorized by you.
At the brokerage services site
1) Open and fund a brokerage account.
2) Submit the online form to authorize autotrading by the EC500 news service.
3) Verify your transactions and account balance at your broker's website.

Try EC500 for Free!

Try it for free, and if you are not completely satisfied, then you pay nothing. We are so confident in our system that we are giving it away at no charge. This is a limited offer as part of the initial market launch. We are willing to bet the market that you will continue using our service and be happy to pay later. No type of payment or money is required now. There will be a posting on EC500 and an email notification when the trial nears its close. At that point, you may either opt out or pay the $330 annual subscription fee.

Pay nothing now. No payment required for free trial.
Pay nothing now. No payment required for free trial.